The Happy Hobo.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

There were stars.

And it was just like that. Gone like the wish flower that was once afloat on the flowing river. It was shivering cold and biting. But it was momentous and too beautiful. We owned moments. And my world stopped.

Eventually, time played with the little sword that could. Gone were the sweet berries and stars twinkled less; until there was only breathing. Stars shone down like dreams balancing its worth. No. Not too soon. There was hate, much hate. Arrows stroke straight to that beating piece. But wait, the wind heals. And there was hope. It is bittersweet. But there is end. 

But the lavender will bloom. Maybe in time, or possibly never. But I'll stay. I'll keep still. Wait just right here. Until you say a word. But I'm afraid not too long. Because one gotta fly away and find one's north.

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  1. Hey i randomly got into your blog.. a passing hi! and u write nice :)