The Happy Hobo.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I haven't actually written for the longest time, which I take as a bad sign. My body clock is more screwed than ever, and path, well, same old: a blur. So yeah. Funny that this ain't an atom funny at all.

In other news, a very dear friend flies in a couple of hours. I'll miss him so. 


Hello from my hood at 2:35am. Just posting this to remind that this particular scene from 'New Girl' made me cry. Yes, easy girl right here who sob in the least melodramatic scenes. One day, something like this will happen somewhere not here. Good night!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Turning back time.

Anything done in the morning is usually worth it. 

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Just some post.

I remember a friend ask me so randomly why I do things I love doing like there's no tomorrow. Say, travel. I found it so difficult to give a decent response. I don't know, I told her.

I am very bad with deadlines, but in some instances, deadlines fuel me. Say, when I am very passionate about something, I give deadlines to myself. It takes me centuries to follow it but at some point, I stop.

Consider this wanderlust, 2011 has been my craziest year in terms of travel. I got to tick off loads from my bucketlist. I'm more than happy about it.

It made me think, until I totally forgot about it...until I saw this video:

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I grew up in a home wherein, luckily, I have the sweetest parents who are still very much in love after x number of years. Of course, there are loads of down moments, but overall, they're the sweetest. Peg ng buhay ko! Haha! When my grannies were still alive also, my lolo will prepare my lola's medicine every single meal. My lola was just the queen of his life, and I think every girl will just hope for this. This video remind me so much about them. I miss them so.

Taking a shower just a while ago, I finally realized the answer why I seem to hasten so many things at once, like now. Because I realize, in the future, I want to be a hands-on wife and mother. I will be. I know that when that time comes, I won't get to be away that much, considering the need to be home and finances. So, now I try to live my dreams because in a few years, 'my' will be 'our'.

Wala lang, nagiinarte lang! Haha!