The Happy Hobo.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hit the spot.

magulo isip nya, he's committed to travel and be independent traveler and earn, walang time sa relasyon, takot mag invest emotionally, hindi sya yung tipo ng tao na iisipin ang love... he has his dream.

and nothing can stop him from reaching that dream.

if you read his articles, walang hints ng romance. its all about himself.

kaya yung mga ginagawa at sinasabi nya sakin pag magkausap kami, wala lang siguro yun, normal nya yun kahit pa araw araw kami magkausap.

- Said by a friend about another friend. What if he's just wrong and misunderstood. Ah, what ifs. Maybe another person can relate to this. Or ask. How will you ever know? 

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