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Friday, October 07, 2011


I really like reading people's thoughts at this dead of the night. Typing on one hand as the other is holding one juicy quarter pounder. Just had to try Mickey D's 24 hour delivery, it surely worked! Uh oh. No, I promised myself this will be the first and last.

Okay, moving on, been thinking too much lately, about that: moving on. Okay, because I've always been cryptic with all my posts, lemme add one to the bucket. Moving on is but a crap. Why is it so damn hard to just move on. You know that, when everything started with a blur, progressed (?) in a blur, and ended (God I hope not) in a blur. Crappydoo.

Another one, two deaths. One of which, Camille Pratts' hubby (I don't even know his name.) I don't know anything about him, but the fact that he died at 32 struck me. My God. It's like death can just happen to anyone--known, rich, poor, nobody, somebody, old, young. Whatever. I've said a couple of times that I do not fear death, and I'm eating my words now. I fear death. I fear lying on my hospital bed. I fear sad people flocking around me. No, I don't like that. And then this morning, I heard about Mr. Jobs' death. One visionary up in the iCloud. More than a genius, he's a life believer. And I admire him so.

(I just can't end this note. What a crappy post. Forgive me, blog.)

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