The Happy Hobo.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Uphill diaries to nowhere.

The Sore Feet and the un-trained wheels. / Batanes 2010

201st post, over brekky of garlic-y fried rice, sausages, and a glass of iced water. Current thought: Uncertainty fuels.

Prolly this is the universe's way of tricking you, of playing with your wits--that you have to learn to gamble. Gamble real hard. Risk with the unknown. To the unknown.

26th year, still sheltered under my folks' home. Unplanned, broke, unsettled, lost. Where the heck am I headed. I have no idea but I'm swaying with the wind. Bring me somewhere, somewhere faraway from my usual. I'm keeping still and dancing with fate.

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