The Happy Hobo.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Home from the west.

Forgive me as I am always sentimental. It's about 3 in the morning and I'm still up. Working on something and missing some folks. Specifically, my Chatsworth folks.

My Chatsworth family: Ate Judith, Ate Joy, Kuya Mark, Aunt Tessie, Moi and Jeff :) <3

For the entire month of August of 2010, my relatives from Los Angeles spared me a home when I went hobo-ing. Fed me, gave me a bed, watched late-night movies w/ me, and traveled with me.

The Martins w/ Jeff. Lost in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I'm so easy that I suck with the littlest things people do to me; consciously and the opposite. I miss late night DVD rentals and snacking til late with my cous Jeff, I miss girl bonding and just talking about anything with Ate Judith, as well as how she's so gung-ho about travel together with Fernando; I miss how Ate Joy would call me endlessly when I travel solo (and giving me baon always bec. I was so broke) and fancy how Kuya Mark is being sweet to Ate Joy. I miss Aunt Tessie and our afternoon yogurt bonding and kill me, but I miss Chomp the most as I see my little silly Gab in him.

My future home! If there's one place in California which I can live at, it's definitely in Venice Beach! 

I miss the fact the the house is just a block away from the train station, and every morning, I would hear the train chug making me want to get lost somewhere. It is in Los Angeles that I loved commuting in public buses, talking with strangers and eventually sleeping over somebody's shoulders. I miss sparing days to just buying a bus and train day pass and get off at any stop which fancied me. Let me dream about California tonight. Kisses from home.

Epic laurndry. Forgive me as I just had to document this. It was my first time to do my own laundry. Pathetic self. Haha!

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