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Monday, May 23, 2011

CULIBRE: Temptation island and the happy-go-luckies.

Our make-shift shack. :)

Charmed by Culibre. What a paradise this island was. One word to describe it--raw. Just what any escapist would lust for. Going here was an experience itself. Took the public non-AC bus, seated beside a stranger, while driving 100kph in the middle of the night. We picked a seat each lining up the window side (except for me an hour after). What a rugged ride it was--cramped in uncomfy seats. Didn't care less. We foresaw adventure for that weekend.

We arrived Alaminos a lil past 4 in the morning. We met up with my travel buddies and newfound friends. Found and haggled our way to Tambobong Beach, the jump-off point to Culibre Island. Found a jeepney for a real cheap price.


We're always the unprepared hobos, leaving the metro always foodless. Took a quickstop to Burgos market only to find out it would open in an hour or two. We crazies never learn. Haha! 

After what seemed like forever on bumpy roads and a beautiful sunrise, we arrived in Tambobong Beach. I could have laid down in the sand as it has already amazed me. 

The group was very aloof with one another at first. Only quaint smiles and shy hellos. It was cute. Pae and Mok did most of the marketing; shopped for everything we needed which can be bought in the vicinity; And it was limited like crazy. And the other 9, we were in dreamland.  With the help of the locals who did the cooking for our packed food for the day, the luckies got lucky again! After a couple of hours, we sailed away!

Arrived the island after 30 minutes. It was very charming, I tell you. Four coconut trees, white sand and clear, calm water which was too inviting--all in a very small island in which can be roamed around in 15 minutes. No  inns or hotel, a hut for a shade even. Nothing. 

Our small tent and a make-shift shack saved us from the raging sun. And what we did during our entire stay, slept, strolled and swam. There you have it, the escapist life of the happy hobos. 

Good morning, Tambobong Beach!

My beach buddies! :) <3 Haze, Dyne, moi!

Charming and raw! :)

Paelo in the other side of the island
Paolo Paraiso in action! Haha! Nakakabuang ka talaga Mok! :))


Chris and our lone tent for the 11 luckies!


Erick, Carol, Keii, Japhet

With Haze and Dyne

Good morning, Culebra!

My south girlies: Haze, Paula, Keii and Dyne <3

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