The Happy Hobo.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Anyhow, I am buying my friend's Instax camera and this makes me super giddy!!!!!!!! Got it for a really, really cheap price, thank heavens to the unwritten law of friendship! hahahaha! Ack! I can't wait to start my instax travel journal!!!! What am I gonna name it? Think think think!!!

I named my netbook Theodore. Prolly Sebastian for the Instax?  Or Leopold (from Kate & Leopold) Or Charlie? Or Kiwi? Or Aiden from Sex and the City. Or something that has to do with travel or writing? Prolly Serif or Phil? Because it uses Phil-m? Oh God, that is just too pathetic! Haha!
Could be Latte cuz I'm on latte now? Or Soy Chai because it's my other favorite. Aaaah, this is hard. Meh

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