The Happy Hobo.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


So, here we go again. Back to the grind, this, a more serious one. It's like history is on a roll again; even though I thought it has already been jinxed. 

I'm liking the set up, as I'm never the type who can be locked somewhere. So, yeah. Yesterday confirmed it, just waiting for some other things and off we sail away. 

A bit apprehensive, as I'm more used to doing projects in which I did start from scratch. But yeah, more trust and faith, Upper. Faith. 

In other news, I'm going with the flow. Wherever this leads, will just let it be. A different kind of stoke, it always is.

Sunday, March 27, 2011


A morning of thanks and understanding, appreciation and asking for forgiveness.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I love the feeling of a soft cloth rubbing onto my skin, moreso curling under the sheets a on a chilly morning. I love the feeling when waves splash on my feet, while my toes play with the coarse sand; playing with my senses under the bright skies. Stargazing and moonspotting and waves crashing. I love drifting the highway with my windows down and rest my hands where the wind can go down gushing on me. I like the feeling of being alive and moreso that feeling, when you're happiest just because. ♥

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hints from the radio.

What stops you from doing things? Or the heck, just jump starting it even? What keeps you from making a step further? To go down the road? To crossing that line? Or just jumping out of our filthy comfort zones and just let it out. Silent whims and woes and smiles from faraway.

For the mohawked man!

Prayers for a dear friend who just survived from a mild stroke. I used to work with him before in my previous magazine job. I just gotta say I owe this man big time! Sitting in front of him at work, he never failed to crack me up every single afternoon. I learned loads most especially at the time I wanted to give up the job. His passion and dedication for the world of paper is just unbelievable.

The universe is just too amazing for letting you know people who, in their subtlest ways, touch your hearts and change you to bits. Hang in there, Relly!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Anyhow, I am buying my friend's Instax camera and this makes me super giddy!!!!!!!! Got it for a really, really cheap price, thank heavens to the unwritten law of friendship! hahahaha! Ack! I can't wait to start my instax travel journal!!!! What am I gonna name it? Think think think!!!

I named my netbook Theodore. Prolly Sebastian for the Instax?  Or Leopold (from Kate & Leopold) Or Charlie? Or Kiwi? Or Aiden from Sex and the City. Or something that has to do with travel or writing? Prolly Serif or Phil? Because it uses Phil-m? Oh God, that is just too pathetic! Haha!
Could be Latte cuz I'm on latte now? Or Soy Chai because it's my other favorite. Aaaah, this is hard. Meh


Still up at 1:41am, got loads to write and think about, and then I stumbled upon this word: mamihlapinatapai. hmm.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Unspoken Mondays.

Losing the rope of holding onto something for a long time now.The flow of the wind has changed its course, and why didn't I believe so when I noticed it. It felt like falling flat to the ground. Maybe it really is just until there. So don't be a nuttyhead.

Some things are not worth on gambling to for the one-way spin. In this peace of my Sunday morning, I shall call it quits.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Interesting day! Met up with Koby, a chocolate place owner for work and bumped into an old friend, Trista! Two things I noticed, Koby got so much passion about her craft and for the love for them chocolates! I love it when people's eyes sparkle because words underplay their passion for something! Tristan on the other hand got a smiling face that can perk up any person, though super stressed from all these architecture shit, still talks with so much enthusiasm.

That's what I love about people--emotions, facial reactions, stories, laughter, passion, energy, zest, and the littlest marks one can bring onto others.