The Happy Hobo.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Running away.

Crooked wheels keep turning 
Children, are you learning 
Acclimatize but don't you lose the plot 
A history of blisters 
Your brothers and your sisters 
Somewhere in the pages we forgot 

Take a number Jackie 
Where the blood just barely dried 
You know I'm on your side 

Wait for something better 
No one behind you 
Watching your shadows 
You gotta be stronger than the story 
Don't let it blind you 
Rivers of shadow 
This feeling wont go 

And the sky is full of dreams 
But you don't know how to fly 
I don't have a simple answer 
But I know that I could answer 
Something better 

This feeling won't go 

~ Lifted from The Killers' 'This is your life' 

So here I am once again, being my usual impulsive self, writing a note of good bye. Hopes and aspirations were, let's put it as a lil bit assuming, used in an advantageous way. 

So apparently, that's how life teaches you to just let go and reroute. You can fool everyone in the world but yourself. I lay all my cards, bits and pieces are too frustrating. 

I thought I wanted it, I really, really thought so. But maybe, it ain't the right one for me. Passion's still aflame, but the means probably were miscalculated. 

I suppose it's my personality which doesn't fit. Inasmuch as I teach myself to like the four corners, I just can't. Have me a corner, but let the other sides out in the open. Hands on, let my hands dirty, I like that more. 

Another thing, I want things to be on the low. I want to experience starting from scratch, learning the ropes, sweating like hell, but I don't care, really. Passion's a burning, kindle it. 

The past few, it dragged me. My words would def downplay my admiration for them, for being the passionate beings to the less fortunate ones. And with that, my deepest respect. It was a drag for me, unfortunately, because my passion can't level with them. 

I abhor that feeling because I've always believed in the cause. But no, I failed some people. I failed aspirations. And I failed this little beating heart. 

I'm still up for it; raring for it. It might take a little while to know what is it I really want, but I'm patient. Yes, I am. I know it will take me more of reroutes and trials, but lemme leave it at this: I'm ready. 

Sweet night to you reading this post. 

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