The Happy Hobo.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


First month's about to end, and over-all I'm not that happy on the go-abouts. Well, it's not bad actually--it's okay. Maybe a blah. Been lacking inspiration. So yeah, call me a shithead, really, but some kick is lacking. And I'm sad about this. Prolly a who, a what, a where, a how, or whatnot, it just got a hole somewhere. I don't know.

Blog-hopping for the past hour. Got loads to write, but couldn't start yet. I'm hating this block. Ugh! Anyhow, just gimme one poem or an anecdote, that'd do--the kick. Dear earth, please buzz.

Been doing freelance shits for the past two months. I'm more than happy doing these, I tell you. But I'm having a bit of a hard time defining some things. And this is affecting my work. I'm failing some people, and I dislike every bit of it.

Probably project anonymity still tops this lust for a living. What to do, what to do?

Ranting on a Sunday night once again. Sorry blog, I keep on venting. Must get me tea. Got my long list of writings, I'm out!

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