The Happy Hobo.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


On a side note, a while ago was :).


First month's about to end, and over-all I'm not that happy on the go-abouts. Well, it's not bad actually--it's okay. Maybe a blah. Been lacking inspiration. So yeah, call me a shithead, really, but some kick is lacking. And I'm sad about this. Prolly a who, a what, a where, a how, or whatnot, it just got a hole somewhere. I don't know.

Blog-hopping for the past hour. Got loads to write, but couldn't start yet. I'm hating this block. Ugh! Anyhow, just gimme one poem or an anecdote, that'd do--the kick. Dear earth, please buzz.

Been doing freelance shits for the past two months. I'm more than happy doing these, I tell you. But I'm having a bit of a hard time defining some things. And this is affecting my work. I'm failing some people, and I dislike every bit of it.

Probably project anonymity still tops this lust for a living. What to do, what to do?

Ranting on a Sunday night once again. Sorry blog, I keep on venting. Must get me tea. Got my long list of writings, I'm out!

Friday, January 28, 2011


Too melancholic. Too safe. The other, too many fears. It is hell easier said than done. I know. I wonder what keeps it apart. What are we waiting for? Too much hanging for the flowers to bloom. Time has passed by. But patience, it keeps its strength, but it also drills. It's sad.

Too many pretentions. Pretentions of smooth waves when in fact, silent thunders and lightnings tear you apart. It tears.

The circumstances are just on a halt.The invisible chase is but silly. Just let it out, you know I will always listen.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


In my usual spot. My soy tea latte's getting cold. Waiting for the group sitting on my fave spot. Loving this more than ever. They've been playing Jack Johnson and Kings of Convenience on loop. Got a long list of shit to do today. Got the whole day to finish these! Come on, Upper! Do the huzzah! I can do this, I can do this!AJAAAAA!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I like it round this time in the morning when light leaks through my blinds towards my bed. I'm loving the weather too. I just wanna curl up under the sheets the whole day. Today seems like a beautiful day. Good morning world! :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Me. Somekindablurred. I know, so whut. Van Gogh is Bipolar, Maginhawa.
Some Brit flag, a battered suitcase, an old globe, little flag stickies and the awesome sunnies! ♥

Belle and Sebastian at three in the morning, I really like my home at peace.Wind blowing through the little window, I try to remember every nook, like it tells me something. Seven more months, I got some deciding to do. This mo, I want to make it happen.


Up at 1:30 in the morning, got a good three hour nap. Off to finish all my lagged jobs, got my peach black tea on the side, lesdothissssss!!!!

Anyhow, week was craaazy! First off, status of these two gigs are unsure yet. I'm counting down my months, got to have lots of dough to finance our India backpacking trip in six months!

Anyhow, a while ago, we hosted my pop's, nephew and cousin's birthdays and a welcome home party for my cousins from LA. My mother side clan is huge, we partied for eight hours! Sooo crazy! I'm really no fan of videoke (yes, kill me now) but seeing my cute nieces and nephews sing their lungs out is just too cute!

Anyhow, two instances just struck me; first, my mom is really loud and everyone around her gets caught up when she laughs. I love that about her. It's so contagious. My mom is basically the life of the party, and I can just sit on the corner and just be amazed.

The other one is how my cousin and uncle looked so damn proud when their kids danced in front of us. It looked like they were the greatest fans of their kids and I just melted with that sight. These two really have a hard time raising up money for their families, but they strive real hard to give them a good life. With everything they've gone through, I'm hands down inspired by them. Continued blessings for people who'd do everything for their families!

*PS: Belated happy birthday to the sweetest and best pop one can ever have! I'm soooooo proud of my dad! Good health and more success to him! ILY pop! <3 :)

Friday, January 14, 2011


This week, :(. Everything's half-baked. I hate it that I'm letting some people down. I'm sorry. :|

Next week's another week, let's do this!!!!! AJAAAAA!!!!!

Saturday, January 08, 2011

My thoughts, exactly.

I spend all my time living in the NOW, not in the "way back when" or the "one day when." - Joan Rivers


I don't know if I'm just born fickle-minded or what. My plans seven months ago seem to be changing its course. Okay, so some things are heck on a hang now, three things I am so looking forward to. If these get the green signal, I'm def giving it a chance and gamble on it.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Crossing fingers for 3pm.

With a tumbler of my now-cold strong brew, Coldplay's beating my morning, seated in an unfamiliar spot I'm hoping to be a usual for me very, very soon, I start my day on this future gig that I know will make a difference in my life.

I don on a white shirt, for I have this crazy belief since history that your shirt's color somehow boosts sweet luck!

Fingers still crossed! Hello 'i-don't-know-what-to-call-it' second day funk, please don't make me a shy bean. Hihi. ;)

Thursday, January 06, 2011


Strangers and attachments, begone!


Few things I learned today:
  • Whatever you do, just pour out your best--regardless of the dough you get. Because at the end of the day, what's important is most of the time, you're happy and satisfied.
  • Keep your word.
  • That dream of walking on cobbled street with a bag of groceries will happen. I don't know when or how, but I'm claiming it. Again, when you dream of something: want it, own it.
Grateful for today for unstatused blessings. Not yet there, but working on it. Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, January 04, 2011


I've always got this love/hate relationship on this time gap between 1:00-3:00am.God, pretentious insomnia is an awful lot but i like it very much that the home's at peace,you're most free.


Sipping corners, waiting for thoughts. My words will downplay, everything I've been meaning to say. This sucks, cowards cry. Words coming out of nowhere, not making sense. I sew, and only I understand. Repeat the latter. A year has passed, I shall be patient. Been one for a long time. Trying to get the drift, and everything about it. You stopped, why? This isn't poetry. This is just some shit going around in circles; Taken by Cars I shall blame.