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Friday, December 03, 2010

Samar nights.

September of last year. Three days in Samar, out of our nine day Visayas trip for work with my teammate Jan. Lugging around a backpack, a camera, plane tickets, a laptop and a truckload of adventure bone and prayers for a safe return from Jiabong cave.

Catbalogan x Calbiga x Jiabong. You are one heck of adventure digs. Though I promised myself I will never go caving for the next five years (though a year  has been scratched already. Mighty dead.), hands-down, you still top my list (same spot with Adams, Ilocos Norte) of unforgettable travels.

My superlative words will def downplay our spelunking experience. Three words, three syllables: Oh my God! I heart you Samar. Will never ever forget. 

Shall come back! Meet me at Capul Island then. We will go wave crashing and stargazing. 

*Special thanks to Joni Bonifacio, Rhine Sabordo, Rhea Sauro and the Bonifacio family. For tours, go Google Joni. He manages his business, Trexplore. Really awesome guy! 

Road tripped from Tacloban, Leyte to Catbalogan, Samar. Crossed the San Juanico Bridge. 

Jeepney topload ride from Catbalogan to Jiabong

Stop-over going to the cave

Our guide Kuya Joni Bonifacio w/ his girlfriend Ate Rhine Sabordo

My teammate Jan

Dried up river going to the cave entrance
Pedicabs, Samar style.
Goat white cheese from an eatery in Calbiga
Habal-habal-ed for the first time. We got scared! LOL! Too much rough road
 then it rained
Cute kid
Bus ride going back to Tacloban for tomorrow's flight to Cebu.
If I remember it right, this was taken in San Juanico bridge

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