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Friday, December 03, 2010


I pretty have a number of travel blogger friends. Their sites are my must-go's when preparing my travel ITs.  Thank heavens for them, they make people's lives easier. However, sometimes I wish that Pinoys will take time to blog more about their experience than just the where to stay-what to do-where to-eat and stuff. It's just, everyone's doing that.

Add to that, landscape photography. Again, got nothing about it. I love looking at those actually. But more often than not, I wish to see more people just do documentary photography. Maybe bec. I have this  advocacy that travel photography is not just about scapes and everything shot perfectly to bits.

Then again, different strokes for different folks. So, I rest my case. 

But sometimes, don't you just love reading posts of people actually getting lost in that freaking train station in Brooklyn or how was it meeting the backpacker boy of your dreams and for the oddest reason, you just smirked on him. Or how they survived in getting lost in a virgin forest or surviving with on an unbelievably low budget. Maybe it's just me, (yeah, it's just me) but I looooooove reading those! I love people's thoughts--may it be the suckiest day of their lives in the most glamorous place they could ever be or how Alice-in-Wonderland-ish their day was. I mean, it's just cute.

Now, going back to work.

And yeah, I realized one thing too. Two weeks ago, I've been watching videos for this project I'm starting. Nothing wrong w/ these vids, but no matter how many times I watch and rewatch it, I just don't get it. My brain cells can really, really be frustrating at times. Now before starting to actually write loads on the next weeks and months, hopefully years, I gotta assure myself I know what the hell I'm doing. It takes time and process, I know, so here's to a good start. ;)

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