The Happy Hobo.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Much admiration.

I always, always have a soft spot for hardworking, sincere and family-oriented people. It's like for the oddest, shittiest reasons, all the luck have been sucked out of their system, and yet they, such as hard-headed bulls, are forever determined. Tired? Very. But at the end, they never lose hope. 

Chances. When you snag it, don't let it go. Because you never know if it ever shall come back. Chances, how I wish it always rains on the deserving people. Second chances are for the blessed individuals. Keep your fingers crossed just for the heck. Because seeing the bigger picture, chances swerve to the undeserving. But then, it's miserable reality.   

Anyhow, I wish these people the best-est of luck and a neverending spring of hope. One heck of a rockin' new year to all of you!

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