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Monday, December 27, 2010

Holidays and memories.

The holidays have not been too cooperative as I notice. First, on the same night I got an Asus netbook as my backup computer whenever I'm on the go, the laptop I've been using got a slight glitch. Hmm. An Apple convert for almost 4 years already, even all my folks here at home's have been Apple bees since then, thus going back to Windows is really testing my patience.  Hmm. I like this Asus netbook though, so convenient to lug around everywhere I go!

Secondly, on Christmas morning, a part of my front tooth actually chipped off! Too bad it's been on a national holiday break for two days already. Tomorrow, I'm crossing my fingers my dentist is back to work.

Anyhow, I'm back to work now. Got my fresh afternoon brew. Made me think, I can have all the coffee beans in the world, brew it, and just not drink it at all. The aroma gives me the hits. Very much solved! Aaaaaaaah!

In the photo below, asides from my online work essentials (my netbook, my jurassic iPod vid which disconnects me to the universe whenever the need arises (aka when I need to focus), and my notebooks.) I'd want you to see the old table in the photo.

This table is probably older than me. It was my grandfolks'! My cousins, sibs and I used these since we were sooooo young during family occasions. It's just that, using it again after more than a decade, it brings back sooo many memories! I'm very grateful my sibs and I had a fun childhood. Our folks never bought us those electronic gadgets, even a family computer for Pete's sake! My sibs and I would play bahay-bahayan using umbrellas and blankies, play with bubbles from gumamela and laundry powder, played langit lupa and habulan until we tire ourselves to sleep, bike around the village, get ran after by stray dogs, and even bake brownies then sell it to our neighbors. My cousins and I thought those were the best-est brownies on earth and wondered to bits why no one bought it. At the end of the day, after selling it in the village, our grannies will just buy everything and let us eat everything. And now I wonder, were we the worst bakers ever? :) I shall prove them wrong! Oh well, should probs stop reminiscing now, as I got loads to do. Tootles!

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