The Happy Hobo.

Monday, December 27, 2010

For all of them 2010 hang-ups, here's to you!!!!!!!! 2011, bring it on! :D 

But still 2010, you did rock hard! The awesome-st year, as of yet!

This year, I turned 25 and I quit from my dream job, bummed for 7 months, volunteered for a cause, traveled the most (and the craziest) in a year, probably regret one thing that didn't push through, eat my words at 25, and actually plan a little something for the future (a.k.a my Project Anonymity 2011). Mind you, it's still very shaky though, but at least, there's a plan, so yeah! Rubbish quarter life crisis is rubbish!

Cheers to you, 2010! You are sooo wild but I loved the ride! MUCHOS GRACIAS! :)

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