The Happy Hobo.

Friday, December 31, 2010

As said.

Technically the last night of 2010 and there goes my starless sky. Keeping my patience, as always.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Two days before the year ends and you're giving me goosebumps and butterflies still! A little more blessing, I am very much pleased! Wait a mo, please let me catch my breath. Massive like! I am grateful. :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Holidays and memories.

The holidays have not been too cooperative as I notice. First, on the same night I got an Asus netbook as my backup computer whenever I'm on the go, the laptop I've been using got a slight glitch. Hmm. An Apple convert for almost 4 years already, even all my folks here at home's have been Apple bees since then, thus going back to Windows is really testing my patience.  Hmm. I like this Asus netbook though, so convenient to lug around everywhere I go!

Secondly, on Christmas morning, a part of my front tooth actually chipped off! Too bad it's been on a national holiday break for two days already. Tomorrow, I'm crossing my fingers my dentist is back to work.

Anyhow, I'm back to work now. Got my fresh afternoon brew. Made me think, I can have all the coffee beans in the world, brew it, and just not drink it at all. The aroma gives me the hits. Very much solved! Aaaaaaaah!

In the photo below, asides from my online work essentials (my netbook, my jurassic iPod vid which disconnects me to the universe whenever the need arises (aka when I need to focus), and my notebooks.) I'd want you to see the old table in the photo.

This table is probably older than me. It was my grandfolks'! My cousins, sibs and I used these since we were sooooo young during family occasions. It's just that, using it again after more than a decade, it brings back sooo many memories! I'm very grateful my sibs and I had a fun childhood. Our folks never bought us those electronic gadgets, even a family computer for Pete's sake! My sibs and I would play bahay-bahayan using umbrellas and blankies, play with bubbles from gumamela and laundry powder, played langit lupa and habulan until we tire ourselves to sleep, bike around the village, get ran after by stray dogs, and even bake brownies then sell it to our neighbors. My cousins and I thought those were the best-est brownies on earth and wondered to bits why no one bought it. At the end of the day, after selling it in the village, our grannies will just buy everything and let us eat everything. And now I wonder, were we the worst bakers ever? :) I shall prove them wrong! Oh well, should probs stop reminiscing now, as I got loads to do. Tootles!

For all of them 2010 hang-ups, here's to you!!!!!!!! 2011, bring it on! :D 

But still 2010, you did rock hard! The awesome-st year, as of yet!

This year, I turned 25 and I quit from my dream job, bummed for 7 months, volunteered for a cause, traveled the most (and the craziest) in a year, probably regret one thing that didn't push through, eat my words at 25, and actually plan a little something for the future (a.k.a my Project Anonymity 2011). Mind you, it's still very shaky though, but at least, there's a plan, so yeah! Rubbish quarter life crisis is rubbish!

Cheers to you, 2010! You are sooo wild but I loved the ride! MUCHOS GRACIAS! :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.”

— Kurt Vonnegut (via Michellardi's site)


Woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Exceptionally down. Terribly missing my brother in the US. Another New Year spent not with him. 2011, please make him come home already. I'm looking forward for you, my September.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Much admiration.

I always, always have a soft spot for hardworking, sincere and family-oriented people. It's like for the oddest, shittiest reasons, all the luck have been sucked out of their system, and yet they, such as hard-headed bulls, are forever determined. Tired? Very. But at the end, they never lose hope. 

Chances. When you snag it, don't let it go. Because you never know if it ever shall come back. Chances, how I wish it always rains on the deserving people. Second chances are for the blessed individuals. Keep your fingers crossed just for the heck. Because seeing the bigger picture, chances swerve to the undeserving. But then, it's miserable reality.   

Anyhow, I wish these people the best-est of luck and a neverending spring of hope. One heck of a rockin' new year to all of you!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


So I'm reading a lot of 'About me' posts of these travel bloggers that I'm really, really hoping to guest post with. Crossing my fingers on these. It's just that, almost every little thing, from the oddest to the funny one, it cracks me up. I hope to meet them someday. And huuuuug them so tight!

For someone who's not the greatest fan of anything long term, to travel nonstop is one thing I would love to do forever. Hope to travel with my grandchild on my red backpack even. Good night! :)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stars shine down.

I sit on the ledge and watch over the moon. I see the big picture so glaring and blurred. It is overpowering, I drown. On puzzles and clues and shit. I dread it. Just stay at the corner, own a fraction of it. Bust a gut and be point blank. Now you read through the lines and connect all these dots.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Take me, galaxy.

You're at the edge of your heavens. Everything was just so perfect. Everything was so rowdy yet so serene. Everything just felt so right. Everything conspired to the littlest curb as it hit the huge rock where I stood.  The waves go splashing, but those were happy splatters. It gets me. Stoked and just free. It was so much alive, so much spirit in it, so much lust. Not for the seeds, but for the world. It was joyous, the type that they go berserk. It was so vast I see scores of possibilities. Possibilities that are tied in my fingers. Yes, now.  Still possibilities. And then you get that feeling where that roller coaster finally reaches the peak where it's about to drop. You hit your imaginary brakes but you can do nothing. It will fall because it is its nature to fall. It falls and speeds up. And you scream and scream because of the billion sensations rambling your insides. 

Then, it was, just, was. The is braked and reeked and kept its power where no one hears its howls. Hate blossoms in the splatters. Ah, much loathe. It's almost lifeless. She was locked in the corner. Back to the edge. Too much mess, too much quietness it is very much deafening. It is half-hearted. It wants to go. Anywhere. Everywhere. Just far, far away. The return of Saturn. You are so hasty. Let me run after you. Just let me. Let it go. Ride along with the spin. Find its axis. And go, not back, no. But just go.

Search for the beans, I shall. And on another sheet, the seed too. Too much waiting and solving equations in the air is very much mundane. I know I failed you. Yes, you. My apologies my dearest. We can go for another ride again, if you're still on it. Because I still am. Always been. 

Tuesday, December 07, 2010



One of my favorite words ever. Can be good and/or bad. The feeling I get almost every single day. It is, right now.

The girl who can't sit still


I never asked for it to be over. Then again, I never asked for it to begin. Thats the way it is with life, some of the most beautiful days come completely by chance. But even the most beautiful days have their sunsets.

~(Reposting from Yza's Tumblr)

Guilty pleasure much.

Go flatter yourself. Overanalyzing for my health please.  Sweet woes are sweet. :)

Friday, December 03, 2010


I pretty have a number of travel blogger friends. Their sites are my must-go's when preparing my travel ITs.  Thank heavens for them, they make people's lives easier. However, sometimes I wish that Pinoys will take time to blog more about their experience than just the where to stay-what to do-where to-eat and stuff. It's just, everyone's doing that.

Add to that, landscape photography. Again, got nothing about it. I love looking at those actually. But more often than not, I wish to see more people just do documentary photography. Maybe bec. I have this  advocacy that travel photography is not just about scapes and everything shot perfectly to bits.

Then again, different strokes for different folks. So, I rest my case. 

But sometimes, don't you just love reading posts of people actually getting lost in that freaking train station in Brooklyn or how was it meeting the backpacker boy of your dreams and for the oddest reason, you just smirked on him. Or how they survived in getting lost in a virgin forest or surviving with on an unbelievably low budget. Maybe it's just me, (yeah, it's just me) but I looooooove reading those! I love people's thoughts--may it be the suckiest day of their lives in the most glamorous place they could ever be or how Alice-in-Wonderland-ish their day was. I mean, it's just cute.

Now, going back to work.

And yeah, I realized one thing too. Two weeks ago, I've been watching videos for this project I'm starting. Nothing wrong w/ these vids, but no matter how many times I watch and rewatch it, I just don't get it. My brain cells can really, really be frustrating at times. Now before starting to actually write loads on the next weeks and months, hopefully years, I gotta assure myself I know what the hell I'm doing. It takes time and process, I know, so here's to a good start. ;)


Thought of the day: As you grow older, you become more wise w/ your money. You may still have the same thoughts and beliefs in most of the things you love, but your approach now differs. And for that, I'm loving it.

Say this weekend, I'm planning to have my phone line of I think 8 years cut. My golly! That's been my cell number since forever! But it's just too costly for me now that I'm home-based and social networking sites and emails save me a LOT!

Now, all I've to think about are my insurance bill and bank savings and all my travel expenses. The latter, I have no idea how to finance it, really. But heck, must and will find ways.

Ms. Stingy ;)

Samar nights.

September of last year. Three days in Samar, out of our nine day Visayas trip for work with my teammate Jan. Lugging around a backpack, a camera, plane tickets, a laptop and a truckload of adventure bone and prayers for a safe return from Jiabong cave.

Catbalogan x Calbiga x Jiabong. You are one heck of adventure digs. Though I promised myself I will never go caving for the next five years (though a year  has been scratched already. Mighty dead.), hands-down, you still top my list (same spot with Adams, Ilocos Norte) of unforgettable travels.

My superlative words will def downplay our spelunking experience. Three words, three syllables: Oh my God! I heart you Samar. Will never ever forget. 

Shall come back! Meet me at Capul Island then. We will go wave crashing and stargazing. 

*Special thanks to Joni Bonifacio, Rhine Sabordo, Rhea Sauro and the Bonifacio family. For tours, go Google Joni. He manages his business, Trexplore. Really awesome guy! 

Road tripped from Tacloban, Leyte to Catbalogan, Samar. Crossed the San Juanico Bridge. 

Jeepney topload ride from Catbalogan to Jiabong

Stop-over going to the cave

Our guide Kuya Joni Bonifacio w/ his girlfriend Ate Rhine Sabordo

My teammate Jan

Dried up river going to the cave entrance
Pedicabs, Samar style.
Goat white cheese from an eatery in Calbiga
Habal-habal-ed for the first time. We got scared! LOL! Too much rough road
 then it rained
Cute kid
Bus ride going back to Tacloban for tomorrow's flight to Cebu.
If I remember it right, this was taken in San Juanico bridge


Vast, vast world. Are you there? Just let me know, because I'm leaving. And I will stay, only if.

On Olvera.

You. Crossroads and fine puzzles.
One of them solo trips when I'd just hop in a train and wait where it leads me. / Favorite spot in downtown LA. 

Done deal.

When I don't want to talk about something, I tend to back off and walk away. I hate that about myself. 2011, no more like this, mmmkay?

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Thank heavens for My ears are bleeding on my since forever playlist on my music player. Now, back to grind. Good morning world! :)


A couple of years ago, when my younger sister, Trin, was still in college, December meant one thing: some flying requirements! Just the two of us! It's just the perfect bonding experience with her!

We got the whole week getting lost in a city very far away from home! Low on dough, high on adventure! I miss Decembers like this. When my job gets stable, shall look forward for round three. I love this silly and I can't wait for our KUYA to come home. :)

Forbidden City, Beijing, China / December 2007

Sunmmer Palace, Beijing, China / December 2007

We went to China to meet you, Mr, little cutie Panda! :)

Bangkok, Thailand / December 2008

Trin x Moi! Tuktuk ride from Suan Lum Night Market going back to our hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Trin goofing around / Dreamland, Thailand

Moi :)

Mostly, last few days' meals consists of deadly junks OR...

INSTANT GOODIE NOODLES NEVER FAIL! In fair, naka wine glass pa kame para mukang sosy!!! :))))