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Monday, November 15, 2010

What happens in T.So.

Lives in T.So. After Sipat, we headed straight to Annabs' apartment for some clean fun. Yeah right. Bahaha! Vodka x beer wars and of course, Pusoy dos! Too fun night, must love these guys! Gutsies x Familia Valencia live on! :)

Mike x Carmz

Jan x Annabs x Nino

Night without cards will be very boring. Official balasador, Carlos!

Surprise birthday cake for Erick! Today's his real birthday! Happy, happy!

Sky x Jan

Carla x Nino x Upper

Familia Valencia and then some. We missed you, 'Nay Fudge!!!! From L-R: Erick, Erwin, Annabs, Jan, Nino, Upper, Sky, Carmz, Carlos, Carla, Mike

Erwin's epic photo! Win!

And some gets wasted. ;)

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