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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Travel as if you have dough.

Our target destinations for India 2011! Map by Jan Michellardi 
It is five freakin am and I am still up! I'm so high from all the talkies with my craziest travel friends. Been searching for the cheapest flights on AirAsia's seat sale! My friends Neil and George are just the awesomest! Been exchanging calls for the past three hours w/ regards to our first out of the country trip. We're doing a three-country Asian trip in October and Neil's paying for my airfare! They've gotta be kidding me, but no. First choices would be a Manila-Kuala Lumpur-Vientiane-Siem Reap (vv) but then rates just got crazy high so we resorted to Manila-Kuala Lumpur-Bangkok-Chiang Mai-Siem Reap (vv). Chiang Mai instantly costed an arm and a, uuuh another arm, so we're taking the MNL-KL-Yangon, Myanmar-Siem Reap (vv).

But the thing is, I really, really, really want to leave to live soon. Deets soon! They said since plans aren't final yet, we'll just book this first.

Anyway, just got off YM-ing w/ my co-professional bum squad Jan. It's just now that we found out that our India tickets together w/ Carmz were booked for a week only, in which for the longest time, we thought we'll be in India for two weeks! So now, we're getting a one way tix from Kolkata to KL. Total of 21 days! HAHAHA! My God, where are we gonna get our pocket money considering the fact that all of us are bums (one's an almost bum)!

It's just tonight passes to be one of my craziest and most spontaneous booking nights ever! Thank heavens for credit cards, we'll still have a month to think where to get the dough, and for crying out loud, it's only P2,900! Heck!

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