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Monday, November 29, 2010

On a roll: Pagbilao, Quezon

Favorite view of the beach! Shot from Kwebang Lampas (Grande Island)

Geez! So ICKY footsies! Hahahaha! Walked barefooted during our trek! Really gotta find myself some good sandals. I loved my Tribu pair but it gives me blisters! :(
View from near the cave
View from Grande Island, before we started our trek

Yesterday at Kwebang Lampas, Grande Island, Pagbilao, Quezon. The view was just too beautiful it melted me! I'm such a kaladkarin! I joined Dom and his tour group for this whole day beach trip! Two of my favoritest things that happened to me was our 'The Beach' moment coming in from the secret gate and the sabaw 'childhool' whole day convo w/ everyone! Never mind that the sun shone for barely two hours then it rained cats and dogs again, and the muddy trek! Geez, I walked barefooted bec. i brought the wrong pair of shoes! My bad! Haha! But yesterday's trip was definitely a win! :) <3

More about Kwebang Lampas/Grande Island here.
32-minute trek to be exact!

Morning snacks w/ the group! Gerard, Jarvick, Dom, Nina and Cherry. Can't believe this is the only pic I have w/ my travel buddy, Dom!

Gerard, Jarvick, Nins, Che, Me, and Chid

Jon, Gerard, Jarvick, Jeng, Nins,and Cherry

Them + moi! :)
Group shot! Adios Pagbilao! Photo by Dominic Hormigos

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