The Happy Hobo.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The not-so-writer writes.

About to start my article/s for this new travel website my friend works for now. It feels weird to be writing again. About travels and my misadventures. You know, re-live-ing my my past three years in the travel magazine industry. I guess I really missed this.

Anyhow, I just find it weird that I love writing, but I never considered myself a writer. I took up Broadcast Journalism in college, was an editor to both our high school and university papers, worked for three magazines full time for 4 years, and yet, I don't think I still consider myself a legit writer. Oh, hihi! That word, legit. Made me remember a friend.

Anyhow,  no issues here, but sometimes I just cringe with the thought of it. Very, very strange, I know.

Mantra: Write as if no one's reading. Write as if you don't need dough (getting rich never got to a writer's glossary, I tell you). Write as if you're the greatest writer of all. And write just because. :)

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