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Monday, November 08, 2010

Ni hao.

Haven't been back to HK for the longeeeeest time! Couldn't even remember when that was! My God, maybe that was 12 or 13 years ago. That's soooooo history. So, I think HK and/or Taiwan's gonna be a target on the next seat sale--next time I get a job. Well, these two's for some solo traveling stuff only, or prolly w/ my other backpacker friends. 

But then, tomorrow, prolly be sulking my time on airasia for their Japan and/or India seat sale digs. Tix to Korea and Japan (shet kelangan talaga ipilit!!!!!) on the year I turn 26 (not a bit related but heck) would be veryyyyyy sweet! And prolly I wanna go back to China! Oh Chinaaaaaa!!!!!!! But this time, wanna head to the mountains! Just not much of the city scene!

Le sigh. Why does Asia have to be this beautiful! I'll be forever in love with Asia! The culture, the people, the beaches! My God! Thank you for making me an Asian!
Photo taken on my last trip to the Great Wall, Beijing with my sister. Just the two of us! She's one heck of a travel buddy! :) December 2007.
Dreaming next is Europa! But that's gonna be a different case! I wanna be there for a living. Well, I tested the waters in US for the past 4 months but the country and I just didn't click. Thinking about it, for three months, I was able to do a cross-country thing from California to Boston (and a lot of side trips in between!) It was so beautiful, but I know it's just not for me. 

Photo from Tengal's photo diary. Taken in Prague. Want something like this. Photo by Tengal Drilon. [Another link:]
But Europa, aaaaah, the culture! The people! My cobbled streets! Haaay Project anonymity 2011, here we go! Yep. well that's the plan! Crossing my fingers (and my newly polished nails! Bloody red for my health! Heck, was so boreeeeeed!) I don't care whatever job it may be, just have to be there! I know it! Have always imagined myself walking on my dream cobbled streets lugging around a paper bag full of fresh produce and then around me are a lot of bricks, colorful apartments, murals on streetspeople biking. Aww, my droplets of Nirvana! Come soooooooner please! 

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