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Monday, November 15, 2010

Contours and bylanes.

I am not the tidiest girl in this planet, I bet my mom would gladly attest to that! I have SO many things because I collect so much junk. Case in point, while searching for my B&W unprocessed films, I saw the jurassic map we used on our one-week California road trip 11 years ago.

Our exact 11 year old map! Our arrows must be wrong! LOL

We rented this RV from LA then drove to Vegas and Grand Canyon, Arizona for a week. We were with my cousins Trisha and Vanessa traveling from the Philippines while Jeff called in 'sick' for a week from school to join us. This is just my favoritest road trip to this date.

My family w/ other 3 cousins: Jeff, Trisha & Vanessa

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