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Saturday, November 06, 2010

The hopeful stargazers.

Snaps from my recent trip in Tumauini, Isabela as a first time volunteer from Gawad Kalinga. 
Sight after the 12-hour road trip from Quezon City, Ma    bila
Wrecked homes and dreams.      
GK volunteers              
No words can ever explain how it felt good to be of help to others. I think it just gave me a new hobby.

So young, so jovial! The kids of GK Arcon Village in Tumauini, Isabela        
GK-Kal team is the besssssssst!

Devastated Pre-School.
I couldn't help but wonder, what's our government doing about problems like this.  
The cute kid I met in Brgy. SoCal, a 2-hour ride from Tumauini            

Because eyes speak.    
Blotting out them trauma.                

Goofing around with SoCal kids         

Bangon Pilipinas, Bangon!


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