The Happy Hobo.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Yesterday, craziest booking day of my life! And the bestest part of it all, i'm gonna pay for P3,000 something only! Aaaaack, I love my family and friends! So here goes: January, my clan's off to Cebu then Davao on the next month, March, Kota Kinabalu with my travel buds and Taipei with my fambam ! August, extended our India tix for the second time. Will depart from Kolkata this time! Got KL-MNL tix also. September, (Yangon didn't push through) so we'll Laos and Siem Reap (the latter I refused as it'll be too soon to go back.) Freakin Laos for free!!!! Muchos gracias to my kaibigan, Neil! :) ♥ 2011, come sooner please!

Oh heavens, I'm praying for this online job I'm liking. Too many settlements for next year. I'm seriously stone broke. Bah.

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