The Happy Hobo.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bitter packets of sugar.

Only the heavens know how I loathe routines. But today, I learned something. Try to go back to your routines, and surprisingly, it may just brush up your fire. 

4:17pm today, I spent the afternoon sitting on a not-so-favorite spot, leeching power from a consumerist monster with my hot, bitter latte, earbuds locking me away from the world.  Aaaaah, my comfort zone since six months ago. Just dealing w/ some blockage but hey, it won't be a breeze to get the grind back, but it's being worked on. 

4:23pm, a guy pays for his coffee with his shirt says: Entering New Dimensions. Surviving the storm and coming out strong. Me thinks the universe just boiled down on me. 

*Written yesterday.
Photo: In front of our villa // Dos Palmas Resort, Puerto Princesa, Palwan, Philippines

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