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Thursday, November 18, 2010

At 25 years old.

And so I couldn't sleep again! This insomnia thing is just the most frustrating thing on earth! UGH!

And so to do something at least worth of my still being up when I should be sleeping because I just tweeted that half an hour ago, I thought of updating my iPod. It is worthy for me because when I work, I always want something stuck on my ears, music playing. Silence deafens me too much. So here, I'm up and about.

While updating my iTunes software and this forever Quicktime downloading, I went through some blog hopping. For some reason, writer Bianca Consunji's blog appeared on my feed. Interestingly enough, I got her thoughts. We both dread this age: 25.

 (At 25) You are young enough to believe that anything is possible, and you are old enough to make that belief a reality.

I think she's a year older than me. She just celebrated her 26th birthday (I think in Berlin), while I camped in Calaguas, one of my favoritest places on earth, with my friends on my 25th birthday.

It's just this year, I've got the heaviest points of my life ever--both on the up side and the dreaded downside! I quit from my dream job at 25, had the most number of travels in a year at 25, did the craziest trip of my life (as of yet) at 25, volunteered (which I've always wanted to do since forever) at 25, prolly regret one thing that didn't push through, eat my words at 25, and actually plan something for my future at 25 (a.k.a my Project Anonymity 2011). Well, I won't be a hypocrite and say that all my cards are laid out already, in fact, I just have an idea of what the hell do I want to achieve after August 2011, but I have no freakin idea how to rev this shit.
"Walk away, try something new... This season is about becoming. 
So there. Major decisions on my 25th year. Great! Well, to lift a few lines from Bianca's blog,
It’s allegedly a period when you’ll be making crucial decisions because one leaves childhood behind (for real; do you really think that people leave childhood when they hit 18? Of course not). It’s when people get married, take big steps in furthering their careers, or just make big, life-changing decisions in general. New Age or not, it’s just logical for the late 20s to be a turning point in most peoples’ lives.
That just hit me bull's eye. It's just uuuuugh, freakin time is just one whole pressure bomb! Maybe a part of it was I didn't work for almost seven months (by choice), and then this long period of time just ate my drive big time. It's just time's running too fast, I can't get hold of myself. I don't know if this is even normal, if other people my age (asides from my friends) are also experiencing this, you know, that humongous hole in your life that you just wanna do something grand for yourself? Because I think of that every single day. In what, in a month, it's gonna be 2011 already, and then come May, I'll be what, 26? You know how it tortures every cell I have! Ugh!

But then, talking to a good friend, he just doesn't understand why I feel so pressured at all. Yeah, he's got a point. I make my own problems. And I don't (well, now, didn't--past tense is more applicable now. Oh yeah!) do anything about it. Oh well, this thing, I'm working on it. One step at a time. Time's a ticking, better I use it more wisely.

Anyhow, for the complete read on What to Know When You're 25, do yourself a favor and go HERE.

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