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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Way better than pearly shells.

For the love of God, please bring me to Maui. Photos by my cousin Judith Hammond taken on their Hawaii trip two freakin' days ago! I am not jealous! I am not jealous! I am not jealous!!!!!!!! :P

Ho' Okipa
I just died!

Kaupo Gap
Nakalele Blowhole. Every time waves gush in, it shoots water up in the air! It was probably 60-70 ft high!
Makena Beach (Big Beach)
Sunsets like this never fail to get me.
Black Sand Beach
I know where to spot one like this here, SM Department Store!

You'll never see any mushroom photos like this one on any of my albums. Why? Before you even spot one, it's gonna be buttered!
My cousin's hubby, Fernando Martin! Such a cool guy!
My sooo beautiful cousin, Judith Hammond! Love her to bits! And oh, they're the ones who flew me to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on an all-expense paid trip! :D
Rainbow in Kapalua

Oh hellowwwww there! :))

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