The Happy Hobo.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I remember a friend overloading my brain with all the camera lenses he knows. I just had to listen for sooooo long and pretend to be so interested to the topic just because I din't want to be rude. I've nothing about his enthusiasm, in fact, I was for it.

I love photography since I was in college! I love taking snaps of everything and everywhere I go. But ask me all the tech shit about my oldie but goody Canon 400D, I doubt to give you a decent answer. Then it just dawned at me how technical-less I want my life to be. You see, being too technical is no fun at all. Take no offense as I speak for myself. How can someone be boxed with rules and rigid shit be living normally in a world so fun, immense, and unfettered! How lowly can that be. Poor creatures.

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