The Happy Hobo.

Monday, November 15, 2010


I could smell them chocolate goodness here in the kitchen. My brownies are ready in a few minutes. Hmm,  I missed baking! Too many memories come gushing. My what-could-have-beens. Round seven years back, I was a college frosh, I wanted my course, Broadcast Journalism. But for some reason which I forget, I was ready to shift to Culinary Arts to a different school, CCA (Center for Culinary Arts), and even before that, I wanted to become a doctor. For reals.

I'm stone broke and currently a bum, but from the bottom tip of my heart, got no regrets. But knowing my what-could-have-beens would be a thrill, eh.

***Anyhow, happy, happy  birthday to my travel bud Erick Dantoc !!! Woohoooo! Free dinner tomorrow! :)

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