The Happy Hobo.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

That surge.

Anything that has to do with water, I'll always, always fall in love with. It's vast; it's free.  At times it gushes on a rage, but can be as calm as the cirrus clouds above me. It's lovely. It keeps on flowing, nonstop. You might drown, or you may not. More often , I drown.  Much loathe, I can't help it. Go now, pick.  //  PHOTO: Portland, Maine Sept. 2010


Methinks my dogs have the most beautiful eyes in the world. They connect to me without uttering a single world. I love it that when I work in the veranda, my big boy Lemon, never fails to slump beside me. Ugh, they're too sweet! Much love! :)


The Fray hits on loop on my Tuesday work afternoon! I've always loved that band! Feeling positive today! Hurraaaaaaah!

Monday, November 29, 2010

On a roll: Pagbilao, Quezon

Favorite view of the beach! Shot from Kwebang Lampas (Grande Island)

Geez! So ICKY footsies! Hahahaha! Walked barefooted during our trek! Really gotta find myself some good sandals. I loved my Tribu pair but it gives me blisters! :(
View from near the cave
View from Grande Island, before we started our trek

Yesterday at Kwebang Lampas, Grande Island, Pagbilao, Quezon. The view was just too beautiful it melted me! I'm such a kaladkarin! I joined Dom and his tour group for this whole day beach trip! Two of my favoritest things that happened to me was our 'The Beach' moment coming in from the secret gate and the sabaw 'childhool' whole day convo w/ everyone! Never mind that the sun shone for barely two hours then it rained cats and dogs again, and the muddy trek! Geez, I walked barefooted bec. i brought the wrong pair of shoes! My bad! Haha! But yesterday's trip was definitely a win! :) <3

More about Kwebang Lampas/Grande Island here.
32-minute trek to be exact!

Morning snacks w/ the group! Gerard, Jarvick, Dom, Nina and Cherry. Can't believe this is the only pic I have w/ my travel buddy, Dom!

Gerard, Jarvick, Nins, Che, Me, and Chid

Jon, Gerard, Jarvick, Jeng, Nins,and Cherry

Them + moi! :)
Group shot! Adios Pagbilao! Photo by Dominic Hormigos

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beach! ♥

Photo by Dominic Hormigos

Later, here! Beach bumming w/ my friend Dom and a few other people I've yet to know! It's somewhere in Pagbilao, Quezon! He's so nice! He's covering up some of my expenses. Being stone broke sucks big time!  

Though I frequent Quezon a lot since my grandmother lives there, I've never been to Pagbilao, so I'm really excited! Good bye Manilaaaaaaaah! Leaving in a few! Can't wait for the sun! The sand! The waterrrrrr!!!! I'll be one with nature again! Tootles! ♥ 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The not-so-writer writes.

About to start my article/s for this new travel website my friend works for now. It feels weird to be writing again. About travels and my misadventures. You know, re-live-ing my my past three years in the travel magazine industry. I guess I really missed this.

Anyhow, I just find it weird that I love writing, but I never considered myself a writer. I took up Broadcast Journalism in college, was an editor to both our high school and university papers, worked for three magazines full time for 4 years, and yet, I don't think I still consider myself a legit writer. Oh, hihi! That word, legit. Made me remember a friend.

Anyhow,  no issues here, but sometimes I just cringe with the thought of it. Very, very strange, I know.

Mantra: Write as if no one's reading. Write as if you don't need dough (getting rich never got to a writer's glossary, I tell you). Write as if you're the greatest writer of all. And write just because. :)


Geez. 3:12am, and I'm feeling like it's only 8PM. This insomnia thing's really a screw. Anyhow, since I'm getting all the energy at this hour, I better finish all my tasks: three articles for this new travel site (yeah, I only have my intros. I suck!) and my keyword searching. The latter's bugging me. Almost all of my fave words in the world are getting an ✗. :(


Two things I'm wanting now, a glass of mojito and the beach. Or a round trip tix to Chiang Mai. Stuck in the city for almost two months already! Couldn't breathe! I need a getaway! Sooner than SOON!

Btw, I'm loving Matchbox 20's cover of Time After Time! It's nice! :)

Friday, November 26, 2010


Are you hanging on for hope? It's all you've got worth living for. - Eric Nicole Salta, 2010

Virtual traveling to rest my eyes.

I think I just fell in love in this place! Bring me to Ngorongoro National Park in Tanzania please! And Norway also, for THE Aurora Borealis!
More about Tanzania here.


I notice that I have a bunch of unended journal entries. I'm so bad with endings, and likewise w/ some other things.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Today is my Twitter-and-Facebook-free day. Facebook, I can take it. Not much of a fan. But Twitter, it feels sooooo weird not to be checking my feed for eight hours already! Too many temptations, but no. Control!

I like it, a while ago, I took a two-hour nap and then I checked some new, interesting blogs. Then, I chanced upon Ala Paredes's blog. I loved it. I got so inspired more, with you know, moving out. I'll share the link later. But now, I'm off to my keyword world. Oh well, priorities! Tootles!


My niece, Paige, 5y/o. Too adorable. Photo: Mountain View, CA


Our 'The Beach' moment, where everything was just so at peace. Two of my favorite travelers. Meet the Martins. My cousin Judith and her other half, Fernando. // Photo: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, July 2010

Defocusing fancies.

Mess with your imagination. Photo: Portland, September 2010

Down the rail.

The little train that could, will. A glide at a time; at the brink, holding on, treading the swells. Them coal, so hot, so fiery. Then, I figure out, it's just there; just took a few reroutes, and now, it's back for a bet.  I am appeased. / Photo: Downtown Chicago, August 2010


Because 2:30am is the new 9pm, I am in the mood. Ciao!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Okay, day dreaming w/ my dear kaibigan now on how our future pad in the yet unknown country we'll be heading. Can't wait for our first walk on the cobbled streets w/ a huge paper bag for his paella ingredients and a long french bread where tip's popping out of the bag. Aaaaaaah! :)


So I heard about two job vacancies in the magazine industry, being not ecstatic about it is a good sign. Should be. Plans must be working, oh yeah! ;)

Okay, now back to my keyword world! Ciao! :)


I remember a friend overloading my brain with all the camera lenses he knows. I just had to listen for sooooo long and pretend to be so interested to the topic just because I din't want to be rude. I've nothing about his enthusiasm, in fact, I was for it.

I love photography since I was in college! I love taking snaps of everything and everywhere I go. But ask me all the tech shit about my oldie but goody Canon 400D, I doubt to give you a decent answer. Then it just dawned at me how technical-less I want my life to be. You see, being too technical is no fun at all. Take no offense as I speak for myself. How can someone be boxed with rules and rigid shit be living normally in a world so fun, immense, and unfettered! How lowly can that be. Poor creatures.


Keep that blaze for bliss. And it's forever yours. But never forget them limits. Or evermore shall it hunt you. / Photo: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Going, going!

"It's character that gets us out of bed, commitment that gets action, and discipline that gets the follow through." Zig Ziglar
It takes one to gamble. To Nirvana or wherever. Just never quit!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Some things never change.

We never know the possibilities until we start again. Baby steps, here we go.


A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want. -Madonna


Baket ang uto-uto ko sa mga ganyang bagay! Yon laaaaaaang! Hello happy week! ;)

Sugar free-ing.

Monday, November 22, 2010


Session Road songs are much hitting for my Monday night. This is too melancholic. Tis drying me now. :(

Sunday, November 21, 2010


So that's it? You're just until that point, for Pete's sake, again?

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dear Arthur Nersesian,

You are such a slacker and I'm loving you for that! Cheers to more awesome writings!

Your co-slacker,

Went for a spin.

Loving this vid I saw from Jan 's Tumblr. I miss life in the outskirts. City life can be a blah.

I love driving on freeways. I love winding roads and seaside highways, sans the horrible traffic. I love sunsets while on the road and stargazing at night, yes, while on the wheel. Open windows, wind gushing through your face. The road is just too blank, you hear nothing but the music on your stereo. No wild honkers and rude drivers cutting your lane. It's just everything's at peace. Everyone just mind their own groove. Just going. Very lovely.


And the search begins. Or it has began, and I didn't know it. Or I just didn't wanna know it.


The things you’re afraid of are usually the most worthwhile. -Derek Guiley


Peeve: There are those extra special days when you have everything planned for that day and then someone screws it up for you. Major ramble.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Okay, so this is how our Ferrania film from four corner looks like. Less than P60 a pop, not bad! :)

It's this.


Okay, so got Third Eye Blind and U2 to belt out my work day. Timeless! Friday night out scratched.  Consonance x Summit, let's do this!

Some analysis.

Myself: low EQ x short-term memory x suckiest direction skills x DQ, what have my mom done in the nine months of 1985!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Missing the solo drift.

"When we travel solo, we naturally spend more time with our thoughts, listening to ourselves, because we don’t have someone else with whom to speak. When we are alone, we spend more time observing, taking in the local culture, customs, the environment, fashion, people working, playing… living. This experience of listening and observing is amplified if one doesn’t speak the local language. When speaking is not really possible, we spend even more time listening, observing and learning."

- full copy here


Life is not trying, it is merely surviving, if you're standing outside the fire. ~From a video I'm watching for this day's job.

At 25 years old.

And so I couldn't sleep again! This insomnia thing is just the most frustrating thing on earth! UGH!

And so to do something at least worth of my still being up when I should be sleeping because I just tweeted that half an hour ago, I thought of updating my iPod. It is worthy for me because when I work, I always want something stuck on my ears, music playing. Silence deafens me too much. So here, I'm up and about.

While updating my iTunes software and this forever Quicktime downloading, I went through some blog hopping. For some reason, writer Bianca Consunji's blog appeared on my feed. Interestingly enough, I got her thoughts. We both dread this age: 25.

 (At 25) You are young enough to believe that anything is possible, and you are old enough to make that belief a reality.

I think she's a year older than me. She just celebrated her 26th birthday (I think in Berlin), while I camped in Calaguas, one of my favoritest places on earth, with my friends on my 25th birthday.

It's just this year, I've got the heaviest points of my life ever--both on the up side and the dreaded downside! I quit from my dream job at 25, had the most number of travels in a year at 25, did the craziest trip of my life (as of yet) at 25, volunteered (which I've always wanted to do since forever) at 25, prolly regret one thing that didn't push through, eat my words at 25, and actually plan something for my future at 25 (a.k.a my Project Anonymity 2011). Well, I won't be a hypocrite and say that all my cards are laid out already, in fact, I just have an idea of what the hell do I want to achieve after August 2011, but I have no freakin idea how to rev this shit.
"Walk away, try something new... This season is about becoming. 
So there. Major decisions on my 25th year. Great! Well, to lift a few lines from Bianca's blog,
It’s allegedly a period when you’ll be making crucial decisions because one leaves childhood behind (for real; do you really think that people leave childhood when they hit 18? Of course not). It’s when people get married, take big steps in furthering their careers, or just make big, life-changing decisions in general. New Age or not, it’s just logical for the late 20s to be a turning point in most peoples’ lives.
That just hit me bull's eye. It's just uuuuugh, freakin time is just one whole pressure bomb! Maybe a part of it was I didn't work for almost seven months (by choice), and then this long period of time just ate my drive big time. It's just time's running too fast, I can't get hold of myself. I don't know if this is even normal, if other people my age (asides from my friends) are also experiencing this, you know, that humongous hole in your life that you just wanna do something grand for yourself? Because I think of that every single day. In what, in a month, it's gonna be 2011 already, and then come May, I'll be what, 26? You know how it tortures every cell I have! Ugh!

But then, talking to a good friend, he just doesn't understand why I feel so pressured at all. Yeah, he's got a point. I make my own problems. And I don't (well, now, didn't--past tense is more applicable now. Oh yeah!) do anything about it. Oh well, this thing, I'm working on it. One step at a time. Time's a ticking, better I use it more wisely.

Anyhow, for the complete read on What to Know When You're 25, do yourself a favor and go HERE.
On this new thing I'm getting myself into! Remember, it pays to be confident on whatever you do. Don't be shy if there's no reason at all. No shot, no jackpot! :)

The sad reality, watch the vid below. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


‎"Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint and begin." Robert Collier
Stop counting crayons and just start colorin. - Yza Halog, 2010


Lesson for the day: Do not rush things. It will happen when it's bound to happen. At the right time, at the right place. Eventually, everything will fall to its place. Your pursuit is all about fluxes and limbos. You go with it, or you take an instant one-eighty. It's your call. Want it, own it.

For now, I'm good. Taking my time afloat, but will prolly do the strokes in a few. Time will tell. But then, when hostility thumps, do not wait, dictate.

And yet another phase.

Today marks my first day of racketeering. Note to self: Do not screw this. AJAAAAAAA!!!!! :D :D :D

I'm finally back to my grind! Loving it!!!!!

And another note to self: Do not use smileys in emails that much. No, scratch that. Just do not. We're being professional here. :) :) :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


How I wish we have good museums and libraries in the Philippines; the type of museums not just for field trips and libraries for theses. 


The nicest sunset I've ever seen as of yet. Siquijor, Philippines. 2008


If I stay, I will keep second guessing myself to oblivion. ~ Guia Abad 2010 (from FB)


I'm bothered w/ some people. I just want to hug them. I'd love to say that everything's gonna be all right, but since there's no assurance, then let's just leave it at that.

A minute before three.

Self-portrait on film 2009. Ilford x Nikon FM10. Dos Palmas, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

That said.

I think I'm sticking to gigs til August 2011. I think I'll be liking it. I think the groove's going back at it. Eight months til India. That's gonna be my last hurrah before Project Anonymity 2011.  I think I'm happy :)

Monday, November 15, 2010


I could smell them chocolate goodness here in the kitchen. My brownies are ready in a few minutes. Hmm,  I missed baking! Too many memories come gushing. My what-could-have-beens. Round seven years back, I was a college frosh, I wanted my course, Broadcast Journalism. But for some reason which I forget, I was ready to shift to Culinary Arts to a different school, CCA (Center for Culinary Arts), and even before that, I wanted to become a doctor. For reals.

I'm stone broke and currently a bum, but from the bottom tip of my heart, got no regrets. But knowing my what-could-have-beens would be a thrill, eh.

***Anyhow, happy, happy  birthday to my travel bud Erick Dantoc !!! Woohoooo! Free dinner tomorrow! :)

Online sustenance.

Yaaaaaaaay, today is a very, very happy daaaaaaay! I just got this online writing gig! My Goddddd! My bills will be soooo happy! LOL! Thanks to good, rakitera friends like Annabs!!!! I think I just gotta wait for the documents! God is sooooo good! :)

Upper :)

Contours and bylanes.

I am not the tidiest girl in this planet, I bet my mom would gladly attest to that! I have SO many things because I collect so much junk. Case in point, while searching for my B&W unprocessed films, I saw the jurassic map we used on our one-week California road trip 11 years ago.

Our exact 11 year old map! Our arrows must be wrong! LOL

We rented this RV from LA then drove to Vegas and Grand Canyon, Arizona for a week. We were with my cousins Trisha and Vanessa traveling from the Philippines while Jeff called in 'sick' for a week from school to join us. This is just my favoritest road trip to this date.

My family w/ other 3 cousins: Jeff, Trisha & Vanessa


The more reasons why I can't go back to sleep this morning. 4:52am, time's a ticking, can't wait to go to the lab! I just completed all of my 20 rolls from July 2010 (blamed: too much hoarding for my 3-month US trip).  Bummer slant: Couldn't find all of my B&W rolls though. I think I've some Ilfords, T-Max and Lucky there. :|

Room for one.

My messy sanctuary. Just in case I forget how it looks, when I leave. ;)

The morning after.

Still in T.So. Good morning you guys! :) (Photos by Jan x Erwin)

Sky x Upper x Annabs x roof top laughs





Erick x Annabs x Mike


Short love affair w/ sungka!

What happens in T.So.

Lives in T.So. After Sipat, we headed straight to Annabs' apartment for some clean fun. Yeah right. Bahaha! Vodka x beer wars and of course, Pusoy dos! Too fun night, must love these guys! Gutsies x Familia Valencia live on! :)

Mike x Carmz

Jan x Annabs x Nino

Night without cards will be very boring. Official balasador, Carlos!

Surprise birthday cake for Erick! Today's his real birthday! Happy, happy!

Sky x Jan

Carla x Nino x Upper

Familia Valencia and then some. We missed you, 'Nay Fudge!!!! From L-R: Erick, Erwin, Annabs, Jan, Nino, Upper, Sky, Carmz, Carlos, Carla, Mike

Erwin's epic photo! Win!

And some gets wasted. ;)


Strange night! Got fortune told unexpectedly! Some dude was just buying some pizza from a Pizza Hut stall and then started a convo. He asked me for some random numbers. I forget what numbers I gave but, I think his readings were a bit too precise. I wanted to punch him! Now I can't believe them words are still running in my mind. Argh! Onr reason why I seriously need to move out. Gah!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sipat sa Angkor Wat.

My travel friend Carmz Lopez's last hurrah before she flies to Bangkok. Sipat sa Angkor Wat was held two nights ago in Manila Collective in Cubao X. She's en route to Siem Reap, Cambodia for the Angkor Photo Fest, nonetheless. She, together with Louise Far and Piya Constantino, will be representing the Philippines in Cambodia. You girls, rock hard! But of course, before Siem Reap, sidetrips first! Carmz is currently in Khao San, BKK the street that never sleeps. Khao San (KS I miss your vibe!) and then Vientiane, Pakse, Phnom Penh, Hanoi, Saigon, and some others that I forget. 
Sipat sa Angkor Wat: The Journey of Young Filipino Photographers to Cambodia is a one-night gathering that will allow artists and art enthusiasts to share their creative work, experiences and insights with one another. There will be slide show presentations that will feature works of former Angkor Workshop Participants fused with live musical performances

Carmz Lopez
(L) Louise and (R) Piya 
Favorite spot in Cubao X, Manila Collective. It is owned by the sweet Verzosa  couple, Jake and Ina!
Some of the Gutsies: Sky, Mike , Erick , Annabs 

Bahaghari's work
Kaya Green Band is just too awesome.

One of the performers, JP Prisno, raps about Kalayaan. I'm no fan of rap, but he was sure good! 

Yey for Mike del Rosario ! You rocked it good! He has the most number of fans! Woohoooo!