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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Current Stat.

Or maybe, I should put it this way: my life's guide for the past to present. This thing, still under development. Hopping a step at a time, learning each course, boning on previous errors, and now rerouting. Yes, project anonymity in wonderland 2011 please.

1.) There are about million people, things and thoughts you are privileged to love. Thou shall not give them every bit of yourself. Might sound really selfish, but that's how life is. Learn to sieve. It's never about the number. You may only afford a handful, but if it lasts a lifetime, then you hit bull's eye. 

2.) Learn to stop. And respect your decision. As much as you think everything's  blooming, think again. It's withering even before it even blossoms. Keep grounded, or when you're afloat, check the world more often than normal.

3.) But then, not all that wither, die. After all, there's sunshine. And rainbows. And laughters. Yes, nothing's ever worse that you can't handle. Learning takes time. As well as unlearning. It's the art of waiting. You can always hum.

4.) Risk, risk and risk. Don't concentrate only to what's weighty, the Lilliputian-est never fails to do wonders. 

5.) Go against the gushing winds, if that's what your gut speaks of. Be like a bamboo, it's sturdy enough not to fall or break in a snap. It knows how to sway with the wind. You may lose a chance, but there are second chances. And a third, and so forth. Just don't give up. 

6.) When finally, you know what it is that you really, really want. Hold them grip. But not too tight, because you never know when of if you're gonna let it go.

As for me, I'm on the fourth phase. Tomorrow, I got a ten-hour bus ride to think about the rest of the phases. The hobo is Isabela-bound for a volunteer project for Gawad Kalinga. Who knows, it holds some key to something yet to be defined.

Photos: Batanes, Philippines.

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